Thursday, March 17, 2011

apa kaitan maru dengan Google + youtube tech?

Helo, Korang kenal this famous cat name MARU ? This cute cat was a phenomenon on Youtube for his hectic and super clever act..:p ( Antara kucing paling comel pernah gilaweb jumpa...hehe ) But what it's all had to do with this MARU and Google + Youtube Tech?

First of all, baru-baru ni, GOOGLE + Youtube telah meminta bantuan Green Parrot Pictures ( sebuah syarikat yang master dalam kualiti teknologi video ) to put an effort on low-quality videos that come from smartphone and webcams. Green Parrot Pict. has technology that can remove camera shake and flicker, and restore lost video details too. This techology also come up with Slomo ( fake slow motion ) and Color Transfer ( improve faded color ) that will definitely enhance Youtube quality vids.

So with this cool tech, Maru's famous vids will simply get better in the future ( no more shaking-with-laughter act ) and definitely Maru will get a lot more of his die hard fans. Go Maru Go!!! :p...thnx to tech.

This is the technology that i've mentioned before..


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