Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today Timewaster : random inspiring

Real life Adobe photoshop geek. Wierd huh? Creative.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

today timewaster : mitoza

Helo, Mitoza for me is an inspirational motion art when all you have to do is choosing the ending..nothing to do with game I guess..Hati-hati memilih the next step because there's some 'shit'urito waiting for you..yakssss!! click here to choose.


online highlighter yang superb!!!

Helo, untuk entry kali ni, gilaweb perkenalkan pada korang ..superb online highlighter yang membolehkan korang draw on any webpage menggunakan pelbagai tools yang ada. Use it to express your thoughts, make a point or just simply edit the web you've visited ( according to the web itself )..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

google e-book : a fun way to dig into web and browsers.

Helo, I guess we all love illustrated books right? It encourage us to further read any book, agree?...well, Pihak Google telah menghasilkan sebuah web iaitu '' ( e-book generated ) yang pada gilaweb even anak korang pun boleh faham. hehe..

E-book ni basically menceritakan apa itu internet, web dan browsers...but in most creative and manner way.Its like your first internet book of thought. Furthermore, This is what others conclusion about '20 things' in this ebooks..

#1 : What is the Internet? or, “You Say Tomato, I Say TCP/IP”
#2 : Cloud Computing : or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush your laptop
#3 : Web Apps : or, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Appiness”
#4 : HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more or, this is not your mom’s AJAX
#5 : HTML5 or, in the beginning there was no <video>
#6 : 3D in the Browser or, browsing with more depth
#7 : A Browser Madrigal or, old vs. modern browsers
#8 : Plug-ins or, pepperoni for your cheese pizza
#9 : Browser Extensions : or, superpowers for your browser
#10 : Synchronizing the Browser or, why it’s ok for a truck to crush your laptop, part II
#11 : Browser Cookies or, thanks for the memories
#12 : Browsers and Privacy or, giving you choices to protect your privacy in the browser
#13 : Malware, Phishing, and Security Risks or, if it quacks like a duck but isn’t a duck
#14 : How Modern Browsers Help Protect You From Malware and Phishingor, beware the ne’er-do-wells!
#15 : Using Web Addresses to Stay Safe or, “my name is URL”
#16 : IP Addresses and DNS or, the phantom phone booth
#17 : Validating Identities Online or, ‘Dr. Livingstone, I presume?’
#18 : Evolving to a Faster Web or, speeding up images, video, and JavaScript on the web
#19 : Open Source and Browsers or, standing on the shoulders of giants
#20 : 19 Things Later… or, a day in the clouds

Korang boleh print or simply read it online..Gilaweb rasa korang patut print it untuk anak-anak korang or anybody before pihak Google decide to close it. So jom baca this amazing Google e-book di sini. Untuk print, Klik sini.

Monday, March 21, 2011

today timewaster : fishing maniac!

For those yang kaki pancing tu, lets try this amazing fishing game..catch and release please..
Untuk naikkan tangkapan korang klik pada button 'Click here'. jom try..klik sini

how to edit your comment on facebook?

Editing Facebook comments

Helo, this should be simple :p, baru-baru ni Facebook telah perkenalkan feature yang terbaru untuk sistem komennya iaitu editing your own comment.

Jika korang komen on a friend's status update, link or photo, korang boleh edit komen tersebut dengan menekan button 'X' in a top right corner of your comment box. Komen korang instantly menjadi 'text box' yang membolehkan korang mengedit, serta savekan semula dengan menekan enter.

Feature ni ada pantang larang untuk korang fahami, first, if someone comment after you, your comment is 'locked', which mean you can delete it but cannot edit it. Second, gilaweb rasa seperti ada tempoh masa tertentu untuk korang edit komen korang. It might be as short as 60 sec.

I guess that it, but if you guys know better about this feature, let me know by commenting on this entry ok..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

apa kaitan maru dengan Google + youtube tech?

Helo, Korang kenal this famous cat name MARU ? This cute cat was a phenomenon on Youtube for his hectic and super clever act..:p ( Antara kucing paling comel pernah gilaweb jumpa...hehe ) But what it's all had to do with this MARU and Google + Youtube Tech?

First of all, baru-baru ni, GOOGLE + Youtube telah meminta bantuan Green Parrot Pictures ( sebuah syarikat yang master dalam kualiti teknologi video ) to put an effort on low-quality videos that come from smartphone and webcams. Green Parrot Pict. has technology that can remove camera shake and flicker, and restore lost video details too. This techology also come up with Slomo ( fake slow motion ) and Color Transfer ( improve faded color ) that will definitely enhance Youtube quality vids.

So with this cool tech, Maru's famous vids will simply get better in the future ( no more shaking-with-laughter act ) and definitely Maru will get a lot more of his die hard fans. Go Maru Go!!! :p...thnx to tech.

This is the technology that i've mentioned before..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Blogger!!!

Komuniti blogger sekalian, I'm impressed when BLOGGER, Google popular blogging platform is showing of  a sneak peak of its latest user interface. Its all a new look for blogger's dashboard and post editor plus new features added such as content discovery. The feature enables blogger to uncover related content based on the topic of the blog you're currently

Walaupun Pihak Google belum mencanangkan when this new stuff will be launch, gilaweb pasti para blogger sekalian mesti x sabar untuk try BLOGGER new interface ni kan?.. So just wait ok..

email to future you...dear future me...

Masa di sekolah menengah dulu, pihak sekolah ada buat satu program yang kalau x silap gilaweb dinamakan dengan 'Time Capsule', sort of...It is a time traveller which is to keep our message at some time and suppose to be read in the banyak la mesej for future us yang ntah hapa2..haha... past 10 years, we managed to read back what we've wrote and the best word to describe what we feel is, joy!!

And for this entry, gilaweb perkenalkan pada korang yang gunakan modus operandi yang sama macam yang gilaweb cerita tadi but using email... Korang taip la apa2 yang korang rasa nak tulis untuk diri korang pada masa hadapan and set kan time untuk korang hantar email tu..this is some example of public emailfuture...haha

Ok blogger suma, let send your future you a damn touching message..klik sini

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rockmelt overtaking chrome, really?

Hello, Have you guys ever heard about this amazing ROCKMELT web browser? ROCKMELT were totally awesome with Chrome 6 + facebook based + web browser functionality which is a complete setup for your online satisfaction.

At my first step on ROCKMELT, the interface loaded with multipurpose link and tools ( thank to chromium ). What was really cool is you can directly know your facebook and twitter friends daily update..straight forward. On the right sidebar, you can pick and save your favourite ( update included ) site while on the left you can pick any of facebook friends to see update or messaging. Superb and neat!

So untuk korang lebih mengenali this web browser, gilaweb kepilkan sekali teaser ROCKMELT...see it and you'll love it..Sekarang gilaweb dah jarang pakai google chrome sebab ROCKMELT ROCKS MY WORLD!!! haha. Untuk start download your own ROCKMELT, klik sini

Last but not least, I'm very pleased kalau korang boleh komen sikit about this amazing web browser. Let me know whether you like it or not..thanks.

today combo timewaster :

helo, lets play today combo timewaster yang totally amazing.

1. BATTLEPAINT, i assume is suitable for artist or peoples who likes art....haha tak la. Korang perlu tembak a bundle of colors enemy and watch out for the slippery floor...:p power here

2. BALANCE is a mouse based physics game yang mana korang perlu control mouse korang untuk imbangi  
this bluebox characters. here


3. SUSHI CAT memerlukan korang makan sebanyak mana sushi yang tersedia..A simple but adorable game for minmalistic lovers..memang cute xingat haha... play here 


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Window office web apps available now! superb!

When my first read on this Window Office web apps back in 2009, the number of country that have the access to the apps were continually grown and recently Office Web Apps have become available in Central and South America..This apps were fully geared with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and many more to make your daily work, works via online. Great features to discover besides it may differ from our beloved Microsoft Office. For those yang dah ada akaun Hotmail atau Yahoo Messenger, korang boleh direct ekses ke Document korang dan bagi yang tiada, korang register dulu di Windows live. Jadi apa lagi, jom terjah..klik sini

Jom tengok Office Web Apps screeancast...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

build your own font...salute !!!

Hello, kali ni gilaweb nak perkenalkan pada korang this amazing font web app, the super FONTSTRUCT.COM. The first time gilaweb try this application, I already know that will be hit for many years until now..Dengan features yang mudah untuk korang follow, content yang menarik, gilaweb pasti korang akan seronok membina font korang yang tersendiri. The only thing you have to do is to register. thats it.. And for those yang berminat  nak jadi font designer yang berjaya, should be in your essential list. jom try... klik sini

siri stickman exodus yang super kreatif xingat!!!!

Hello, blogger suma, for this entry gilaweb nak introduce pada korang suma siri Stickman Exodus yang terssangat-sangat-sangat cooooooooooool.. Where on earth did this guys (Waverly Film) find such a good creative idea? you tell me. haha. Terdapat 6 siri (setakat yang gilaweb tau) dan 1 siri thriller yang akan buat korang tergelak sorang2..haha.. Korang bleh mula tgk thriller dulu then starts with episod 1 hingga 6...power la diorang nih..just for info : Waverly films newest project sekarang has included Burger King, ESPN, Trident and gilaweb memang xsabar nak tengok hasil kerja diorang yang penuh dengan kejutan :p....

ok para blogger suma, jom rasai the adventurer journey of Stickman Exodus.

Today Timewaster : give up,robot ( gilaweb addicted to it) cooool..

hello, have you ever play this game? Give Up, Robot were really amazing and fun walaupun apa yang korang perlu lakukan hanyalah untuk melepasi wall yang tinggi rendah...dengan design game yang ala retro-look-a-like, korang pasti teruja bila korang perlu memikirkan cara untuk melepasi setiap's some handy tips : gunakan keyboard A dan Z untuk swing bila korang perlu melepasi halangan yang tinggi dan jauh..yang lain tu, use your own mind to settle it :p. For those yang dah penah try game ni, let me know ya..jom try..klik sini

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

online writable PDF form...superb!!!

Hello, PDF sememangnya sesuatu yang bukan asing bagi kita sekarang..Its compatible for wide range of document, super secure text. But when it comes to edit the PDF's, gilaweb pun menyampah. Bagi kakitangan awam, diorang really take this as a major challenge for them. Why? sebab dokumen terkawal yang sedang digunapakai sekarang semuanya boleh dikatakan dalam bentuk PDF. Yet, for this entry gilaweb rasa terpanggil untuk perkenalkan satu web yang korang boleh edit PDF form korang dengan mudah. Web ni hanya memerlukan korang upload korang punya form, dan mulakan editing..kredit to this superb try. klik sini

Monday, March 7, 2011

today timewaster : I dont even game

I Dont Even Game is a simple yet very tricky game. When i noted it's a simple game and it really was when all you need to do is to move right ( korang x boleh langsung move ke kiri and that is where the tricky took place ) sebab akan ada characters yang akan korang jumpa..Korang kena make sure that korang tak terlepas every characters yang korang jumpa sebab korang perlukan klu ( untuk solve kan every obstacle ) yang akan di 'hint' oleh characters ni...pergh. Nasihat gilaweb, reduce your speed..haha. Jom try. Klik sini

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Today Timewaster : what happened in my birth year

Hello. Korang terasa nak tau x apa peristiwa penting yang berlaku pada tahun kelahiran korang?Kalau nak tau, then this site definitely will solve your puzzle for instant.  memaparkan peristiwa pada tahun kelahiran korang seperti seseorang sedang menaip dan korang juga akan disediakan dengan link-link yang berkaitan. A little bit sleepy but full of knowledge. Gilaweb pun xtau rupanya banyak benda menarik terjadi pada tahun kelahiran gilaweb until I found this site..nice. Try it.Klik sini.

3 coca-cola teaser web yang superb!!!

1. Desafio : Use multiple tools to have your own coke..Korang perlu setkan robot untuk membuka penutup botol Coke menggunakan pelbagai tools seperti full set of LEGO,patung Dwarf dan banyak lagi. Definitely my powerweb!!!

Coca-Cola Zero : Teaser of a Zero addict teens.

Possible.coke zero : Real Taste, Zero Sugar!!! coke zero action teaser yang hangat....perghh

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today Timewaster : Dodge

Dodge is a space combat shooter in which no weapon will be apply for you..korang perlu elak misil yang musuh lepaskan dan gunakan misil tersebut untuk menghapuskan musuh. Vector style game yang futuristic dengan efek yang real untuk korang. Kind of a new look for future vector game..jom try..klik sini


5 online video editing yang kebaboom!!!

Editing your own homemade video would not have been harder anymore...puas merayau di internet, finally gilaweb dah jumpa video editing tools yang super duper power!!! kelima-lima tool ni ada kelebihan masing-masing yang korang perlu terokai but for me, i choose the one and only, my favourite Animoto.

Animoto :

Deskripsi :
- Aplikasi slideshow yang power dan straightforward.
- Teknologi C.A.I  yang bertindak memadankan mood gambar korang dengan mood lagu.
- Compatible for Picasa dan Flikr.
- Online tools for pro.

Shwup :

Deskripsi :
- Third party photo integration (various)
- Video editor yang mudah dinavigasi
- Muvee video editing software

One True Media :

Deskripsi :
- Popular for its simplicity
- Interface module yang cool

Jaycut :

Deskripsi :
- Upload klip korang ( kamera, handphone or webcam ) dan edit
- Aplikasi Mix it ( two track timeline )
- Tonnes of slide transition

Motionbox :

Deskripsi :
- Video sharing site
- Edit somebody video for your own video

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Timewaster vol.1 ( red riot yang kebaboom)

Hello blogger suma...Ari ni dengan bangganya gilaweb nak memperkenalkan TIMEWASTER pada korang..Apa tuh? haha, Timewaster tuh maksudnya pembuang masa korang.haha..Meaning timewaster ni boleh jadi interaktif games, puzzle or anything yang fun dan playable..So kalau korang rasa boring nak buat keja, tak tau nak buat pa, lonely or depress ka, then gilaweb harap timewaster ni akan jadi for today time waster, meet RED RIOT.

Bila bercakap pasal Red Riot, gilaweb amat teruja dengan flow of this game dan satu hal lagi, the graphic is just awesome..xde langsung stuff2 yang mengarut2. All you have to do is to fully crush your enemy..RED RIOT is an action game pack yang pasti membuat  korang geram, tak puas hati and teruja! blogger suma, exercise sket jari korang and start the riot!!! Klik sini for your riot...


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hantar mesej guna asap..superb!!!

Penah x korang lihat mesej dari udara? saya pun x penah..haha dan sekarang korang berpeluang melihatnya bahkan bleh jugak kalau nak hantarkan mesej kepada buddy or perhaps your love one...MapMSG is a Google Maps API yang akan menukar mesej anda dalam bentuk yang kreatif seperti asap (dikenali sebagai SMOKE SIGNALS)..Bukan itu saja MapMSG juga ada beberapa tools yang cool seperti STATETRIS, SKYSCRAPER, CROP CIRCLE dan lain2 lagi..

Untuk menulis your own smoke signal, follow this step :

1. Buka MapMSG
2. Klik pada smoke signals,
3. Tukarkan lokasi smoke signal korang di address,( contoh, KOMTAR, Penang), tekan next 
4. Pada ruangan yang tertera, masukkan mesej korang, tekan next
5. ok? seterusnya korang bleh pilih samada nak hantar melalui email, link atau button.

korang klik sini untuk lihat apa mesej webfanatik untuk korang..Try jugak tools yang lain x? selamat mencuba..


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5 Nike Web yang cool x ingat!

Real City : NIKEID Blazer ( jepun ) : Color your own shoes

Nike Better World : Didedikasikan untuk dunia yang lebih selamat & hijau..

Nike Air : Nice Shoes

Nike 10 : Pemegang Jersi 10 yang terhebat

Nike Skateboarding : x-games yang cool

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