Friday, March 11, 2011

Rockmelt overtaking chrome, really?

Hello, Have you guys ever heard about this amazing ROCKMELT web browser? ROCKMELT were totally awesome with Chrome 6 + facebook based + web browser functionality which is a complete setup for your online satisfaction.

At my first step on ROCKMELT, the interface loaded with multipurpose link and tools ( thank to chromium ). What was really cool is you can directly know your facebook and twitter friends daily update..straight forward. On the right sidebar, you can pick and save your favourite ( update included ) site while on the left you can pick any of facebook friends to see update or messaging. Superb and neat!

So untuk korang lebih mengenali this web browser, gilaweb kepilkan sekali teaser ROCKMELT...see it and you'll love it..Sekarang gilaweb dah jarang pakai google chrome sebab ROCKMELT ROCKS MY WORLD!!! haha. Untuk start download your own ROCKMELT, klik sini

Last but not least, I'm very pleased kalau korang boleh komen sikit about this amazing web browser. Let me know whether you like it or not..thanks.


Kisah Abu Nawas said...

salam sob
aku harap benar demikian sob

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