Monday, March 7, 2011

today timewaster : I dont even game

I Dont Even Game is a simple yet very tricky game. When i noted it's a simple game and it really was when all you need to do is to move right ( korang x boleh langsung move ke kiri and that is where the tricky took place ) sebab akan ada characters yang akan korang jumpa..Korang kena make sure that korang tak terlepas every characters yang korang jumpa sebab korang perlukan klu ( untuk solve kan every obstacle ) yang akan di 'hint' oleh characters ni...pergh. Nasihat gilaweb, reduce your speed..haha. Jom try. Klik sini


yasmin sahira said...

macam mane nak past level first. --'

gilaweb said...

actually the clues yasmin kena find character yang yasmin jumpa

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