Friday, April 8, 2011

view world most amazing places...360 darjah! cool!

Helo, I always dream to have a nice relaxing vacation..but where would it be? ahaa that would be...Maldives! :p famous for its blue shine sea, together with sandsnowy beach, perfect for diving!...wait let me feel it first..:p therefore, gilaweb nak ajak korang sama-sama nikmati keindahan Maldive, not from above but under it deep blue sea..not just that when you guys can enjoy in 360 degree view!

For all of that, gilaweb kenalkan pada korang ini membolehkan korang melihat keindahan laut dalam Maldive dan keindahan tempat-tempat lain di dunia secara 360 darjah. Fiordland, New York, L.A all included. The Airpano team have been working for this excellent works for three dedicated to them...clap3. Jom tengok team Airpano buat keja...

So apa lagi, meh tengok keindahan dunia, 360 degree dari Enjoy!


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