Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Minicooper online game via facebook.

Facebook - MiniCooper - Multiplayer game - real world.
This is what I can describe about this huge online game through facebook!

Korang boleh mula bermain disini, share with your friends and start to rumble anywhere in the world. Gilaweb try main  kat Kuala Lumpur and the result is fantastic...pastikan korang ajak member-member untuk lebih thrill! try it out :o


peep said...

haha mcm best tp tenet lmbb nk main camna

gilaweb said...

haha pkai streamyx cpt aa

Fabulous Me said...

Mak ai.. Yg benar nih? Nak cuba

gilaweb said...

bener deh..indon la pulak cuba ok

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