Monday, April 4, 2011

5 blog pilihan gilaweb yang super amazing!!!

Based in Singapore, TheKillerGerbil is an established urban street art created by Luthfi Mustafah. Using graffiti at his most specialties, thekillergerbil open peoples eye to really appreciate street art..Basically his art were influenced by his own pet, gerbils. Now, thekillergerbil are ready to go for bigger domination I rawks gerbil!

One of the member of amazing EightyFourCube, Najib aka art:tech is a talented graphic designer based in Kuala Lumpur. I've been following him since their Eightyfourcube were borned until now..his art reflected his  true colors.

Ugmonk is steets wear label that climbing fast to its popularity. Created by Jeff Sheldon, His design is simple and neat yet really creative...the word 'simple' definitely suit you, Jeff..haha Ugmonk will always be at their best so lets check it out..

Spoongraphic is a designer based blog that provides tonnes of tutorial and freebies. The owner, Chris Spooner is a well known graphic designer based in UK. His work is such an inspirational for me..

Joshua Middleton is a talented comic artist based in US. His style consist of surreal character and water color art. I really admire him instead of many well known comic artist up the air. You go Joshua!


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